VIPGeek® Office Computer Support and Web SEO Services

VIPGeek SEO Services is a full service SEO and Chicago Web Design company with 3 locations nationwide. We are a proven team of SEO professionals, WordPress developers and designers.


No Contracts – cancel your subscription at anytime
Real-Time Results – 24 x 7 access to our SEO portal
Prices start at $250/mo. – affordable & effective SEO

Additional Services Below:

  • Domain Registration & Management
  • SEO Optimization
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Software Installation
  • Monthly PC Maintenance & Technical Support
  • Computer Optimization
  • Windows Support
  • Wireless Internet Support
  • Printer Support
  • Internet Support
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware/Adware Removal
  • Digital Camera Support and MP3 Support
  • Support for Microsoft Office Products

As a Business, are you forced to tackle:

  • Computer Service and Repair
  • Computer Hardware Installation and Repair
  • Slow Network or System Performance?
  • Operating System Boot Failure?
  • Internet Connectivity Issues?
  • Hardware Conflicts?
  • Windows Freeze Ups?
  • System Refusal to shut down?
  • Memory Problems, Software Conflicts?
  • Network Printer Problems?
  • Data Backup Glitches?
  • Illegal Operations Errors (Blue Screen of Death etc.)?
  • Hardware Failures?

VIPGeek® SEO Optimization Services

Automated PC & Network Security Protection

Automated Anti-virus, Anti-spam software and definitions updates to ensure that your company’s PCs have the latest protection & scans for viruses on a regular basis, whether or not you remember to initiate them Improved PC and Network Speed, Stability & Reliability

Dozens of security & maintenance scans daily, weekly, or monthly to keep your PCs, system & Internet running at peak performance

Reduced IT Costs

Save thousands monthly over the cost of an in-house IT staff or typical on-demand 3rd party IT support. IT Support When YOU Need It! Call VIPGeek® an put an end to support issues and over priced onsite support.

Don’t wait for a technician to get back to you! You can have Immediate IT help when you need it and ongoing protection, too, so that you’ll need it less often..

With VIPGeek®, you can bid all your system-related worries a big good bye! Our proactive support network and instant responses will help keep your IT environment functioning smoothly and flawlessly.